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Made In Ethiopia

Dechase is proudly made in Ethiopia and at least 80% of our materials are sourced locally. We take pride in making sure our local artisans work in impeccable working conditions and are financially compensated above local standards. Whilst Addis Abeba is where it all started for Dechase, we aspire to put the entire African continent on the map as an international location for high-quality fashion production.

Ethical Production 

We continuously look for ways to minimize our environmental impact, as we strive to become a sustainable shoe brand. Currently our main leather suppliers, [name suppliers], are members of the Leather Working Group (LWG) gold standard.

The LWG seeks to improve sustainability within leather manufacturing industry by proving suppliers with guidelines for continuous improvement. We do not use fur, the skins of exotic animals or those of endangered species.

The leather used by our tanneries is sourced in the local food industry and is commonly known as a by-product from food production processes. In this sourcing strategy, we select only the best possible suppliers. Suppliers who value animal well-being and provide the best possible traceability. In addition, all our products produced from 2021 onwards are made from chrome-free leather and with this step Dechase became one of the first shoe brands to be produced chrome-free in Africa.Our main sole provider, [name supplier], is locally sourced in Ethiopia.

[Name supplier] works with 100% renewable energy and recovers/reuses at least 50 to 70% of their waste. Most of our soles are made from locally sourced thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which has the melting properties of plastic while still maintaining the flexible properties of rubber. Among the many advantages of the TPR, such as lightness in weight and durability, we value the ability to recycle the material highly. 

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Knowledge Transfer

To ensure the longevity of ethical fashion production, we join forces with local and international organisations that add continuous value to sustainable and local production.

In 2017, Dechase was appointed official partner of MVO Nederland to spearhead a new initiative: “SWITCH: Africa Green Again”. In this initiative, we endeavour to position Ethiopia as a local powerhouse for sustainable employment opportunities within the industry. In parallel, we promote the latest developments and research aimed at the reduction of environmental impact and leather processing.

Together with leading organisations Solidaridad and STAHL we seek innovative ways for sustainable tanning initiatives to produce leather that cuts down on the use of chemicals, energy, water and salt. We passionately seek to implement international best practices in all facets of our company. We are always looking for partners and collaborators with whom we can foster local and international knowledge hubs.


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